All facials at Colette Skin Studio are performed by Kimberly using Biologique Recherche products and are based on 60, 90 and 120 minute sessions. Treatments are customized 
to your unique individualized skin instant and are comprised of three stages.

The Assessment Stage in which skin is expertly analyzed so the correct treatment protocol can be prescribed. In the Initialization Stage skin in thoroughly cleansed and massaged with delicate milks and the brands iconic P50 lotion as well as targeted boosters and masks to prepare for the Treatment Stage. During this time high concentrations of pure plant, marine and biological source are applied to recondition and regenerate the skin. Complexions are comforted, strengthened and unified. Your spirit is relaxed and lifted.


In the studio, all treatments as well as home protocols utilize the French skin care brand Biologique Recherche. All products can be returned unopened within 14 days of purchase.

Started over 40 years ago, this classic brand has a reputation for astounding effectiveness using pure, raw and concentrated ingredients. There are no synthetic fragrances, silicones or parabens. Most are cold pressed to respect the botanical, marine and biological structure. Come see why this iconic brand has won the world over.

  • Prectection U.V. SPF 50

    Treatment Stage

  • Sérum Elastine

    Treatment Stage

  • Lotion P50 1970

    Initialization Stage

  • Sérum Extraits Tissulaires

    Treatment Stage

  • Lait. E.V.

    Initialization Stage

“I always say, if someone loves this product, they love it for life. I don’t like to talk about magic because I’m a scientist, but there is something about P50 which is not palpable. It is at the core of what we do, it helps a lot of people and there is magic in that.”

– Dr. Philippe Allouch